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As part of the Unified Community Platform project, your wiki has been migrated to the new platform. Read more here. The Customization in Astroneer is located in the Esc menu, marked with a Star icon. In the menu, the player may change their suit, palette, visor color, and emotes. These options are also shown at the start of every new game, allowing the player to customize their look before launching.

Suits are the avatars that are used by players as they explore and play through the game. At the start of each game, the player can choose which suit, palette, and visor they wish to use before launching down to Sylva. Each suit is vastly different in appearance and personality, but no special abilities are present in different suits, making the suits an entirely cosmetic option.

These suits are unlocked by default when a player is new to the game. All of these suits were added to the game during early access. These suits are unlocked by purchasing them in the EXO Outfitters in-game shop.

Palettes are the color options for the Suits. Each one can give the player more control over being unique from other players.


Aero the Aerial Assistant camera drone will recolor based on the player's palette options, but is unable to be colored separately. Hats were first added in the Holiday Updatewith the Holiday Top Hat being the first available as a reward. They allow for more customization of the player's character. Masks were first added in the Holiday Updatewith the Frosty Mask being the first available reward.

Emotes allow players to communicate and interact with one another. They include dances and interactions like waving and agreements. The communication emotes have variations between each of the suits. The following emotes each have a different unlock requirement, except for four dances that are unlocked from the start of the game along with the other emotes.

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all astroneer codes

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all astroneer codes

Support Contact PRO. The Exo Suit is a thin suit with long arms and legs. It was the very first suit added to the game. It is also the suit used in the tutorial section. The Bubble Suit, also known as Bubbles, is a chubby suit with a big, round visor that gives it the name Bubbles.Hello and welcome to Apocanow, we present you the article about the cheats and codes of Astroneer. We hope it will be useful and allow you to improve your videogame experience.

Are you aware of other cheats? Send it without problems! You can contact us in private and we will be happy to update the page with the contents you send us! We update the list of consoles every time. There is a promo Trainer available for Astroneer, too. If you download and run it while playing your game, it will unlocks new features, usually additional cheats not obtainable in any other way. At the bottom of the page you will also find a list of unlockable achievements in this game with a small guide.

You will find cheat codes, secrets, strategies and much more. Astroneer: Trainer 1. Cheats: Steam Achievements. Accomplish the following tasks to obtain the corresponding Steam Achievement:. Participate in multiplayer sessions playing for more than 4 hours in total.

Use a search Room to search for something in another game of Astroneer. Cheats: Xbox Live achievements.

Astroneer Codes – Complete List

Complete the following tasks to get the corresponding Achievement on Xbox Live:. Use the Terrain Tool for the collection of each type of raw material. Use a Search of the Room looking for something in another Astroneer of the game. Trainers for Astroneer are small, downloadable programs that add functionalities to the game, mainly with the aim of cheating.

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These functionalities are not available in other ways. Click on the preferred trainer to download it:.


Download Page Astroneer 1. Latest sheats and sheat sodes added.

Cheats and codes for: Astroneer (PC / XBOX ONE)

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all astroneer codes

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Boss Rush: Mythology: Cheats and cheat codes. Lawnmower Game: Next Generation: Cheats and cheat codes. Including cheats for Astroneer. We have one of the biggest databases of Cheats in the world. Byte after byte Byte after byte. Full scan of any sample of research. The search for knowledge The search for knowledge. Examines an object in the search Room. From the roots From the roots. Extract a danger.As part of the Unified Community Platform project, your wiki has been migrated to the new platform.

Read more here. Sign In. From Astroneer Wiki. Jump to: navigationsearch. Subcategories This category has only the following subcategory. Media in category "Resource icons" The following 48 files are in this category, out of 48 total. Icon Aluminum Alloy. Icon Aluminum. Icon Ammonium. Icon Argon. Icon Astronium. Icon Carbon. Icon Ceramic. Icon Clay.

Astroneer - 1.0 - ALL SUITS - HOW TO LOOK GOOD!

Icon Compound. Icon Copper. Icon Diamond. Icon Explosive Powder. Icon Glass.Space travel will always be a source of wonder and attention for the simple fact of how attractive that leap into the unknown is. A constantly growing universe with places still unexplored make this idea a great theme for a good game. So HDGamers brings you the Astroneer codes. The truth is that there is no Astroneer code so it is a bit disappointing for those of us who enjoy this great game.

However, it is an opportunity to return to the origins of the Gamer era, when it was only played with the instincts and abilities of the players. This represented a great challenge and offered long hours of fun and learning. So this game is ideal for it. In addition, it is important to note that it has the wonder of the multiplayer mode so it is ideal for these days. Likewise, we can say that it is a multi award-winning game in just 4 years on the market, which represents a great achievement.

On the other hand, it tells us about a true option to enjoy a great title that will test all our skills and allow us to share with family and friends. Without a doubt, a great option to enjoy. In this order of ideas, we can conclude that we also do not have any code that has stopped working. To redeem the Astroneer codesat the time we have them again, we just have to go to the pause menu.

In it, we will have to select the Customization option and go down in it to the final part. To be specific, in the last section of it called More options and this is where the Reedem Codes action will be. By clicking, a window will open where we can include the codes of our preference. Next, we present you a short video where the procedure for activating these tricks is illustrated. Now that you know all the secrets of the Astroneer codesall you have to do is go out and explore and discover the wonders of the mysteries of the universe that surrounds us.

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I see a redeem code thing, I don't know if there's any public codes. I started this game in early, early access.

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Showing 1 - 11 of 11 comments. Bomoo View Profile View Posts. Think you should get the early access suit automatically, no? Why don't you try and report back if it doesn't work. Last edited by Bomoo ; 10 Apr, pm. Originally posted by Bomoo :. I believe it is for the codes that were handed out to people at PAX East and can be used to redeem a new palette named "Astro Recruit" and a new visor colour known as "Orbital Blue" according to the wiki.

I didn't see any images so i don't know what they look like.

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What's the early access suit? I bought it on Xbox Game preview but don't see any extra suit. Last edited by Bl4ckSh33p ; 21 Jun, am.

Originally posted by RockPikminKing :. The Early Access suit is named Retro, which is made to mimic suits in older outer space movies. Zuckys View Profile View Posts. Protogen View Profile View Posts. Luke View Profile View Posts. Per page: 15 30 Hints and Tips for: Astroneer. After you click confirm button, before trading kit fly out screen, you can unplug item and you still can get trade item back to you.

Note: This glitch was performed on an unpatched version of the game. It will probably eventually get patched. To avoid not being able to use this exploit, either do not install new patches before using this exploit or delete the patches.

You can avoid patches being installed by disconnecting from the internet until you are ready for the game to install new patches. How to Unlock All Suits: To unlock other suits, you have to activate the Gateway Engines at the cores of planets.

Check the Astroneer wiki for the detailed list. Note: To unlock the gateway engines, you need to have at least one gateway on the surface activated, and the ones at the core each need a special resource to activate. Submit your codes! Having Codes, cheat, hints, tips, trainer or tricks we dont have yet? Help out other players on the PC by adding a cheat or secret that you know! Submit them through our form. Covering more than CheatBook-DataBase A bet on NY pays out if NY wins or if they lose by less than 4 points.

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all astroneer codes

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